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Associating a Pageset UI Definition File with a Particular Pageset

Because each pageset can have its own frameset layout, you must specify which file defines the frameset layout of the current pageset. Usually the Pageset UI Definition file is named pagesetID_ui.htm.

Use the RegisterFrameSet function to identify the Pageset UI Definition file associated with the current pageset. The syntax of this function is:




String used as the setLoaded parameter of the Pageset UI Definition file. This is usually the name of the frameset.


String identifying the file name of the Pageset UI Definition file.


String identifying the complete path, from the top of the application, and name of the application frame, by default, mainArea, inside which the pageset frameset appears.


Optional string identifying the complete path.

Sample usage:


The first argument of the RegisterFrameSet function. In the example above, dogs_ui must be identical to the string used as the setLoaded parameter, most commonly, oc_default_ui or pagesetID_ui, inside the Pageset UI Definition file.

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