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Content Center

About Content Center

Content Center Job Roles and Terms

Scenario for Using Content Center

Process of Setting Up and Using Content Center

Setting Up a Content Staging Environment

Configuring Content Objects for Content Center

Modifying Business Components for Content Center

Creating Integration Objects for Content Center

Modifying Integration Objects for Content Center

Setting Up Content Center Approval Workflows

Setting Up Content Center Publication Workflows

About the Content Project Business Service

Setting Up Content Types

Setting Up Contributors and Approvers

Creating Content Projects

Contributing and Approving Content (End User)

Publishing Content Projects

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Content Asset Management

About Content Assets

Scenario for Content Asset Management

Process of Managing Content Assets

Defining Content Sets to Contain Content Assets

Adding Content Assets to a Content Set

Setting the Home Page for a Content Set

Viewing and Editing Content Asset Properties

Checking Content Assets In and Out

Editing HTML Content

About the Content Asset Types View

About Configuring Content Asset Management

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Microsite Management

About Microsite Management

Scenario for Microsite Management

Process of Microsite Management

Viewing and Editing Page Information

Creating a Root-Level Page

Using the Page Designer and Its Tools

Using the Create New Page Tool

Using the Insert Template Tool

Using the Create Menu Tool

Using the Link Existing Page Tool

Using the Link App View Tool

Using the Add Web Link Tool

Using the Create Content Tool

Using the Insert Content Tool

Using the Insert File and the Insert Image Tools

Editing Page Item Properties

Deleting Page Items

Saving and Canceling Changes to the Page Layout

Managing Groups of Page Items

Previewing a Page

Publishing a Page

Deleting a Page

Creating and Applying Templates

About Creating Search Indexes

About Configuring Microsite Management

Configuring Microsite Caching

Adding New View Layouts to the mmlayout.txt File

Configuring Menu Colors and Icons for Hierarchical Menus

Changing the Navigation Bar Style in Microsite Pages

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Usage Collection

About Usage Collection

Scenario for Usage Collection

Process of Usage Collection

Setting Up the Run-Time Event to Collect Usage Data for Views

Setting System Preferences for Usage Collection

Reviewing the Usage-Tracking Log Files

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Managing Group News

Scenario for Group News

Process of Managing Group News

Setting Up News Administrators, Authors, and Approvers

Setting Up the Group News Approver Workflow

Creating a Content Path

Creating Stages for a Group News Content Path

Designating Group News Approvers

Setting Up Access to Group News

Managing Versions and Publishing from the All News Stories List

Creating a News Story (End User)

Creating Content for a News Story

Importing a News Story

Previewing a News Story (End User)

Submitting a News Story for Approval (End User)

Approving a News Story (End User)

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Setting Up Content Services

Scenario for Content Services

Process of Setting Up Content Services

Assignment of News Topic Administrator Responsibilities

Creation of Access Groups for Content News Services

Setting Up Content Services Host and Authentication Credentials

Creating a News Package

Management of News Topics

Creating a News Topic

Editing a News Topic

Deactivating a News Topic

Retrieving Account and Competitor News for Briefings

Associating Accounts and Competitors with News Topics

Associating Your Company with a News Topic

D & B Account Rationalization Services and News Topics

Viewing a Tracking Profile Summary for News (End User)

Creating a User-Defined News Topic (End User)

Previewing a News Topic (End User)

Resolving Problems with Content Services

External News and Data Do Not Appear on Home Page

News Does Not Appear in the Our Company Section

Not Found Error in the Siebel Mobile Web Client

Users Receive Too Much News

Literature and Bulletins Are Out of Date

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Content Center Reference

Prebuilt Content Objects for Content Center

Catalog Content Object

Catalog Category Content Object

ContentBase Content Asset Content Object

ContentBase Content Set Content Object

ContentBase Content Type Content Object

ERM Group News Item Content Object

Literature Content Object

Microsite Management Page Content Object

Price List Content Object

Product Content Object

Product Class Content Object

Product Feature Content Object

Product Line Content Object

Resolution Item Content Object

Solution Content Object

Volume Discount Content Object

Content Project Business Service

AddContentItem Method

AddProject Method

Export Method

Import Method

PublishProject Method

RemoveContentItem Method

RemoveProject Method

StartProject Method

UpdateContentItem Method

UpdateProject Method

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