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Manage Opportunities

NREC needs to give its internal employees as well as its partner agents ability to manage opportunities. Opportunities are recorded for potential buyers and include contact information and information about the type of house the buyer is interested in. Opportunities that come into NREC directly are passed on to a partner agency based on location. Table 3 summarizes the requirements for the opportunity entity.

Table 3. Requirements Summary for the Opportunities Entity
Cross Reference to Task

For each opportunity, track the house features that the buyer is looking for and buyer characteristics.

Add columns to the base opportunity table S_OPTY to store the additional attributes.

Read Configuring the House Detail View.

Users may choose values for house attributes—square feet, price range, and so on—from a list rather than enter them.

Add pick lists for each of the fields that need pre-defined values.

Read Static Pick Lists.

Assign opportunities to partner agents based on ZIP Code.

Use Assignment Manager to assign opportunities to partner agencies.

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Send an email notification to partner agents when a new opportunity is assigned to them.

Use Business Process Designer to automatically send email notification.

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