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Manage the List of Houses for Sale

NREC requires the ability to manage the list of houses that are currently for sale. This includes storing key characteristics, such as price, number of bedrooms, and square feet; keeping a history of appraisals; and pulling in any data about renovation history from an external file that is supplied by a third-party vendor.

Table 2 lists the detailed requirements for the House entity and lists where you can find the tasks in this book that describe how to implement the requirement.

Table 2. Requirements Summary for the House Entity
Cross Reference to Task

Track houses for sale.

Create a new screen for Houses and add to the Siebel eChannel application.

Read Creating the Houses Screen.

Track the features of each house, such as square feet, number of bedrooms, and so on.

Add columns to S_PROD_IN T to store additional attributes and expose them in the user interface.

Read Configuring the House Detail View.

Entering and editing records for houses.

Modify Internal Product business component to allow updates and add necessary controls to the Product Form Applet.

Read Configuring the Internal Product Business Component and Modify Existing Product Applets to Display NREC Attributes.

Provide users with predefined values to choose from when entering house features.

Configure static pick lists for fields.

Read Configuring Pick Lists.

Track and display previous appraisal information (date, amount, assessor) for each house.

Use standard 1:M table to store appraisal data and expose fields in the user interface.

Read Configuring the House Detail - Appraisals View.

Display renovation information for each house.

Create virtual business component to store and display data from flat file. Create new view to display the data.

Read Creating a Virtual Business Component.

Display houses to partner users based on ZIP Code.

Use Siebel Personalization to filter the list of houses based on the user's ZIP Code.

Read Personalization.

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