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Configuring Auto-Entitlement for Quotes and Orders

Entitlements are part of a contract, enabling a set of prenegotiated prices to be used in transactions (quotes and orders).

Within the quote (and orders), the user can select an entitlement to apply at the header level. In addition, the user can also use the Entitle button functionality to determine the best entitlement at a line item level. It is also possible to configure Field Service so that a suitable entitlement can be determined at the quote or order header level. This is described in Adding Auto-Entitlement Buttons.

NOTE:  In terms of price execution, line item level entitlements (if any) override the quote or order level entitlement.

Adding Auto-Entitlement Buttons

To allow entitlement-based pricing, developers can add an Auto-Entitlement button to the Quote Detail View and Order Entry - Line Items Detail View (Sales). Users can then click this button to automatically associate an entitlement with a quote and order.

Adding these buttons allows entitlement-based pricing for quotes and orders. The prices of the products on the order and quote line item are adjusted, based on the entitlement.

See Configuring Siebel Business Applications for more information on how to add buttons to Siebel applications.

To configure an Auto-Entitlement button

  1. Add a button to the following quote and order applets:
    • Quote Item List Applet—used by the FS - Verify Entitlement Quote Best Price workflow
    • Order Entry - Line Item List Applet (Sales)—used by the FS - Verify Entitlement Order Best Price workflow
  2. Behind each button, invoke the VerifyEntitlement method.
  3. Change the FS - Verify Entitlement Order Best Price workflow's event object to point to the Order Entry - Line Item List Applet (Sales). Typically, this condition event object points to the Order Entry - Line Item List Applet.

    See FS Create Entitlement Business Service for more information.

For more information on generating charges and invoices from agreements, see Charges and Invoices.

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