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Workflow to Consolidate Charges

This workflow consolidates the charges in the Charge table based on a set of rules that are defined in the consolidation plans. Figure 19 illustrates this workflow. The process follows these steps:

  1. The process creates a search specification for the FS Charge business component based on the consolidation rules.
  2. After the targeted charges have been found, they are consolidated into one or more invoices. By default, only a single invoice is created. However, if the Bill To Account Flag is set for the consolidation plan, then one or more invoices are generated for each bill-to account for the charges. In addition, the charges are consolidated based on a schedule. At the end of each invoice run, the Next Invoice Date is stamped on the invoice based on the schedule and the last invoice date.

    NOTE:  By default, the first invoice run on a consolidation sets the last invoice date to the start date of the consolidation plan.

  3. The process brings the user to the Invoices Screen, which displays only those records that were just created.
Figure 19. FS - Charge Consolidation
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