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Resolution and Recovery of Incident Records

The assignment group is responsible for the incident's resolution. The assignment group typically performs the following tasks:

  • Resolves the incident.

    For more information, see the procedure that follows this section.

  • Opens a request for change (RFC) when the incident cannot be resolved.

    For more information about request for change records, see Recording Request for Change Records Details.

  • Takes recovery actions. A recovery action is a permanent solution, a workaround, or temporary fix.

    For more information about recovering actions, see Change Management.

  • Notifies the help desk that the incident is resolved.

    For more information about resolving incidents, see Closing Related Incident and Problems Records.

To resolve incident records

  1. Navigate to the Service Requests screen > Service Requests - HelpDesk view.
  2. In the Service Requests - HelpDesk list, select the SR you want to resolve.
  3. In the Status field, select the appropriate description, for example Closed.
  4. In the Substatus field, select the appropriate description, for example Resolved.
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