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Change Management

Error control monitors progress in resolving known errors, and Change Management processes requests for changes. Root cause analysis monitors the impact of problems and known errors on services. If the impact becomes severe, root cause analysis escalates the problem.

Change Management or a request for change is a formal way to request a change within the overall IT infrastructure or system. Therefore, a Change Management system can help an organization manage incremental improvements and targeted modifications to a product or process. If a change to the physical environment is required to close a problem record or known error record, then a change record is created. Change Management broadens the scope of management oversight to encompass large-scale modifications such as upgrades to central servers and network or telecommunication system installations. Each request for change associated with the Change Project is assigned a unique identifier, and follows an established process flow consisting of approvals, alerts, tasks (if required), phases, and closure. When the change record is successfully implemented, the record is closed and associated requests for change records and problem records are also closed.

The Siebel Change Management solution seeks to ensure standardized methods and procedures for efficient and prompt handling of all changes. The goal is to minimize the impact of change-related incidents on service quality, and consequently to improve the day-to-day operations of the organization.

The following sequence is the typical workflow (as shown in Figure 4) for working with Change Management.

  1. Adding Request for Change Records
  2. Recording Request for Change Records Details
  3. Adding Request for Change Record Users
  4. Adding Request for Change Record Approvers
  5. Approving Request for Change Records
  6. Change Approval Access
  7. Scheduling Request for Change Records
  8. Adding Tasks to Request for Change Records
  9. Adding Activities to Request for Change Records
  10. Submitting Request for Change Records for Approval
  11. Recalling Approved Request for Change Records
  12. Closing Related Incident and Problems Records
Figure 4. Change Management Workflow
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