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Service Requests in Siebel eService for Automotive

A service request might involve a problem with a vehicle, such as squeaking brakes, it might be a request to add new accessories to the car, or it might be a request for information.

In the automotive industry, dealers generally handle service requests. Siebel eService for Automotive allows the customer to route service requests directly to a dealer. If the customer does not do this, the OEM must route the service request to the appropriate dealer, so the dealer can contact the customer and make an appointment to fulfill the service request. Certain types of service requests, such as requests for information, can be routed to the appropriate department of the OEM for fulfillment.

Customers can enter service requests by going to the My Account view, clicking the My Service Requests link, and clicking New in the My Service Request list.

Service requests in Siebel eService for Automotive have a number of enhancements that are specific to the automotive industry:

  • VIN#. While entering the service request, the customer clicks the select button of the VIN# field to select the vehicle that the service request applies to, allowing you to view full information about this vehicle.
  • Mileage. The customer uses the Current Mileage and Unit fields to enter the mileage of the vehicle and specify whether the unit of measure is miles or kilometers.
  • Dealer. The customer can click the select button of the Assigned Dealer field to select a dealer that the service request will be assigned to. The customer is not required to make a selection in this field.
  • Services to Be Performed. The customer can specify the services to be performed as part of this service request.
  • Appointment Time. Customers can specify the time and date when they want the service to be performed.

You can set up Siebel Assignment Manager to assign service requests based on the type of service request, dealers' locations, the makes of vehicle that dealers handle, dealers' special skills and other criteria. For more information, see Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.

For more information about service requests, see the chapter about service requests in Siebel Automotive Guide.

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