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About the Customer Service Page for Siebel eBanking and eBrokerage

A service request is a customer's request for assistance on products or services they have purchased. All service requests include a service request number, a title, a description, and a status.

Examples of service requests include:

  • Requests for financial account statements
  • Requests for check copies
  • Check orders
  • Requests for bank checks
  • Requests to stop payments
  • Other reports of problems

Registered users submit new service requests and check service request status through the views in the Customer Service page.

Service requests can be assigned manually to service agents, or an administrator can create assignment rules to automatically assign service requests to agents by criteria such as product expertise.

From the Customer Service page, users can ask for assistance on products or services they have purchased.

Table 5 shows a mapping between the views and applets in the customer application to the related views in Siebel Finance (the employee application). The view names listed are the display names observed by the end user; they are not the view names found in Siebel Tools.

Table 5. Mapping Siebel eBanking to Siebel Finance for Customer Service Page
Siebel eBanking View
Siebel eBanking Applets
Related Siebel Finance Screens


Service Requests

Contacts > Service Requests or Service screen

Request a Statement

Request a Statement

Service > Account Services > Statement Copy

Request a Check Copy

Order a Check Copy

Service > Account Services > Check Copy Request

Request a Stop Payment

Request a Stop Payment

Service > Account Services > Stop Payment

Order Checks

Order Checks

Service > Account Services > Check Order

Request a Bank Check

Request Bank Check

Service > Account Services >Bank Check

Report a Problem

Report a Problem

Service screen



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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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