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Setting Up Service Provider Search

When creating a self-service claim on a Siebel Insurance eService Web site, a customer can search for a partner business that can rectify the problem relating to the claim. Businesses might include auto body repair shops and electricial contracting companies. The service provider search is based on the Siebel Partner Locator.

To create a claim, the customer clicks the View Claims and Payments hyperlink in the Customer Services applet of the home page. The customer clicks the New button in the Claims applet, completes the necessary fields, and clicks the select button in the Pick Service Provider field. The customer then follows the directions on the Service Providers applet and a list of partner service providers is displayed.

Detailed procedures for how to create a service provider are given in Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide. The main steps are summarized here, with the addition of information specific to Siebel Insurance eService.

  1. Add a partner. In your Siebel Financial Services employee application, navigate to the Partners screen, add a record, and complete the necessary fields, making sure that you:
    • Complete the Address field.
    • Select Service Provider for the Partner Type field.
    • Check the Primary check box when selecting the partner type.
  2. Add a location. For the new partner record, add a location record in the Locations list, selecting the address that you entered in Step 1.
  3. Associate an expertise. For the new partner record, select a value for the Expertise field in the Profile form, and enter other information as required.
  4. Approve the partner. In the Partner Administration screen, from the Show drop-down list, select Approved Partners. Select the partner record that you added and click Register. Select the Organization check box, and click Save.
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