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Setting Up Provider Search for Siebel Insurance eService

A user with the role of Healthcare Member can search for providers contracting with the health plan by clicking the Provider Search hyperlink in the Customer Services applet, selecting the enrolled product, and clicking the Find Provider icon. The customer sets search criteria such as specialty or location. The result list includes providers that fit all of the criteria.

Only providers in the database that are listed as contracted providers for a health product are included in the list of providers or in the provider search list for that product.

Criteria that customers enter into text fields should not use quotes. Text strings in a field can use AND, OR, or NOT as connectors. Criteria can contain wildcards. The asterisk (*) is a wildcard for any string, and the question mark (?) is a wildcard for any character. For example, searching on dat* will return records containing date, database, data source, and so on. Searching on dat? finds records containing date, data, and so on.

The detailed procedures for setting up provider search are given in Siebel Healthcare Guide. The main steps are summarized here, with the addition of information specific to Siebel Insurance eService.

  1. Add a provider. Add a provider in the Providers screen of your Siebel Financial Services employee application.
  2. Add addresses. Add one or more addresses for the provider in the Addresses view of the Providers screen and click Update Geo Code. If geocode data has been entered in the Zip Code Administration view of the Application Administration screen, the longitude and latitude information will be automatically entered.
  3. Associate products. Add one or more contracted products for the provider in the Contracts view of the Providers screen.
  4. Associate specialty. Add a specialty for the provider in the Specialties view of the Providers screen.

    If you want to add a new type of specialty, you must add a new List of Values record with the Type = FINS_AGDESG_HLTHSPEC_MLOV. For the Order field, select a value between 60-155 for it to display in the Specialty drop-down list. A search specification is set in Siebel Tools for the associated picklist (FINS PickList Health Provider/Facility Specialty).

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