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Key Features of Siebel ERM

Siebel Employee Relationship Management (ERM) provides a single point of access to a variety of information resources within an organization.

Siebel ERM helps the organizations communicate news, deliver training, and support employee productivity and satisfaction. In addition, Siebel ERM helps employees align their objectives with those of the organization and provides access to application data, news, business information, productivity tools, employee self-service solutions, and other resources in a personalized Web environment.

Table 3 provides an alphabetized list of Siebel ERM's key features.

Table 3.  Key Features of Siebel ERM

Compensation Planning

Siebel Compensation Planning help the organization organizations plan merit-based and promotion-based salary increases, cash bonuses, and stock grants. For more information, see Setting Up Compensation Planning.

Competency Management

Siebel Competency Management allows employees and managers to associate specific skills with job and employee profiles. For more information, see Setting Up Competency Management.

Employee Directory

Siebel Employee Directory allows users and administrators to manage and view employee profile information. For more information, see Setting Up Employee Directory.

Employee Self-Service

Using Siebel Employee Self-Service (ESS), employees can manage routine and frequent transactions using the Web. ESS automated processes guide users through necessary steps, incorporate relevant data, accept user input, and automatically route approvals. For more information, see Setting Up Employee Self-Service.

Group News

Siebel Group News helps the organization create, edit, approve, preview, and publish news content. For more information, see Managing Group News.


Siebel HelpDesk allows employees to submit and track service requests using the organization intranet and solve problems by providing access to solutions and interactive diagnostic tools. For more information, see Setting Up HelpDesk.


The Inbox allows managers and employees to view and act on approval requests from a single unified screen. Inbox also allows administrators to create and manage approval flows. For more information about setting up Inbox, see Applications Administration Guide.

Objectives and Reviews

Siebel Objectives and Reviews is used to set employee objectives and assess performance using periodic and annual reviews. For more information, see Setting Up Objectives and Reviews.


Siebel Projects provides a shared company workspace that allows employees within an organization, regardless of physical location, to organize, coordinate and manage their formal and ad-hoc project assignments. For more information, see Setting Up Siebel Projects for ERM.

Ratings Distributions

Using Siebel Ratings Distributions, managers can make sure that they meet the ratings distribution guideline defined by their organization and provide a set of ratings that are consistent across different business units. For more information, see Working with Ratings Distributions.

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