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Submitting a Sales Hierarchy Version for Expiration

Ordinarily, one hierarchy version ends a day before the next approved version starts. However, in certain circumstances, your manager can approve a sales hierarchy version with the status of Submitted for Expiration.

For example, a manager might realize that a hierarchy version represents a company unit that has split into two divisions.

To approve the expiration of a sales hierarchy version

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Sales Hierarchies Administration > Sales Hierarchy Admin Explorer.
  2. In the Explorer tree, expand the Sales Hierarchy folder, and then click the Sales Hierarchy Versions folder.
  3. In the Version list, select the sales hierarchy version, and in the Status field, change the status to Submitted for Expiration.

    The Submitted for Expiration status option is only available if the version has been approved.

    After the hierarchy version is submitted for expiration, you can create a copy of the hierarchy as a replacement. The copied hierarchy has the same start and end dates as the original.

    After the replacement hierarchy is approved, the original hierarchy expires.

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