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Siebel Incentive Compensation Administration Guide

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How This Guide Is Organized

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Siebel Incentive Compensation Overview

Incentive Compensation Processes

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Plan Design

Designing the Compensation Plan

Business Scenarios for Compensation Plan Design

Sales Manager Group Compensation Scenario

Sales Representative Group Compensation Scenario

Setting Up a Cash Collection Bonus Rule Scenario

Prorating Compensation Earnings Scenario

Recoverable Draw Scenario

Nonrecoverable Draw Scenario

Process for Creating Stand-Alone Plan Elements

Creating a Compensation Plan

Creating a Cap

Creating a Filter

Creating a Hurdle

Incentive Compensation Measures and Rules

Creating a Rule

Creating a Stand-Alone Quota

Creating a Compensation Group and Adding Members

Creating a Recognition Award

Creating Plan Hurdle Criteria

Process for Creating Compensation Plan Elements

Creating a Plan Rule Rate Table

Creating a Multiplier

Creating a Draw for a Compensation Plan

Creating a Target Incentive

Process for Associating Plan Elements with the Plan

Associating a Participant with a Compensation Plan

Designating the Plan Participant as Compensable

Associating a Cap with a Plan

Associating a Quota with a Plan

Associating a Hurdle with a Plan

Associating Rules with Plans

Performing Other Plan Rule Tasks

Associating a Cap with a Plan Rule

Associating a Plan Hurdle with a Plan Rule

Associating a Filter with a Plan Rule

Associating a Plan Rule with a Multiplier Plan Rule

Associating a Territory with a Plan Rule

Associating a Plan Quota with a Plan Rule

Associating a Compensation Group with a Plan Rule

Associating a Recognition Award with a Plan Rule Rate Table

Process for Customizing Plan Rules

Defining the Plan Rule Payout Factor

Defining a Plan Rule as Estimable

Associating a Participant with a Personal Plan Rule

Process for Personalizing a Plan and Plan Rule Elements

About Compensation Plan Personalization

Personalizing a Compensation Plan Rule

Personalizing a Compensation Plan Draw

Personalizing a Compensation Plan Quota

Personalizing a Compensation Plan Hurdle Definition

Personalizing a Compensation Plan Rule Filter

Personalizing a Compensation Plan Cap

Personalizing a Compensation Plan Rule Cap

Personalizing a Compensation Plan Rule Territory

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Sales Hierarchies

Managing Sales Hierarchies and Territories

Business Scenarios for Sales Hierarchies

Example Processes for Sales Hierarchies

Creating a Sales Hierarchy

Creating a Sales Hierarchy Version

Creating a Territory

Adding a Position to a Territory

Adding a Crediting Rule to a Territory

Associating Territories with a Sales Hierarchy Version

Validating Sales Hierarchy Components

Submitting a Territory for Approval

Submitting a Sales Hierarchy Version for Approval

Submitting a Sales Hierarchy Version for Expiration

Designating a Crediting Rule as Expired

Performing Owner and Delegated Administrator Tasks

Approving a Submitted Territory (Manager)

Reviewing a Sales Hierarchy (Manager)

Approving a Sales Hierarchy Version (Manager)

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Sales Crediting

Sales Credit Assignment

Sales Crediting Components

Sales Credit Assignment (SCA) Rules

Sales Credit Assignment Operations

Sales Crediting Support Operations

Business Scenario for Sales Crediting

Example Process for Sales Crediting

Restarting the Sales Crediting Engine

Verifying Credit Assignment Component Group Enabled

Running the Rule Manager Business Service

Setting Up Assignment Manager Server Maps

Verifying Assignment Manager Component State Online

Defining Sales Credit Rules Criteria and Allocation

Modifying a Sales Credit Assignment Rule

Running Sales Credit Assignment Processing

Correcting an Over- or Under-Credit Allocation

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Quotas and Compensation

Business Scenario for Quotas

Example Processes for Incentive Compensation Quotas

Creating a Compensation Plan Quota

Associating a Quota with a Compensation Plan

Associating a Compensation Plan Quota with a Plan Rule

Personalizing a Quota Target for a Plan Participant

Spreading a Compensation Plan Quota

Creating Common Quota Factors

Creating a Seasonality Skew for a Quota

Associating a Quota and Quota Target with a Manager

Importing a Quota Target into a Compensation Plan

Revising or Replacing a Quota

Reviewing Compensation Quota Targets (Manager)

Adding a Next-Level Report to a Plan Quota (Manager)

Rolling Down a Quota Target (Manager)

Adjusting Quota Target Amounts for Reports (Manager)

Applying a Quota Factor to a Report (Manager)

Applying a Seasonality Skew to a Quota (Manager)

Rolling Up Modified Quota Targets (Manager)

Reviewing a Quota (End User)

Accepting or Rejecting a Quota Target (End User)

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Compensation Estimation

Compensation Estimation Features

Business Scenario for Estimating Compensation

Example Process for Compensation Estimation

Making Plans and Plan Rules Estimable

Calculating Total Estimated Compensation (End User)

Estimating Compensation for Multiple Opportunities (End User)

Reviewing Quota Achievement Against Target (End User)

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Transaction Workbook Imports and Exports

Transaction Workbook Features

Business Scenario for Transaction Workbook

Example Process Flow for Transaction Workbook

Creating Invoices for Orders to Be Imported

Recording a Payment Against an Invoice

Importing an Order into the Transaction Workbook

Changing a Transaction in the Transaction Workbook

Changing a Transaction Line Item

Adjusting a Transaction Compensation Amount

Canceling a Transaction

Net Change Transactions and the Transaction Workbook

Importing Changed Orders from the Order Module

Adding Net Change Transactions to the Transaction Workbook

Exporting a Transaction to the Calculation Workbook

Reviewing Data in the Calculation Workbook

Exporting Data to the Achievement Container Workbook

Entering Scores in the Employee Workbook

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Achievement Containers

Achievement Containers Features

Advantages of Achievement Containers

Business Scenario for Achievement Containers

Example Process for Achievement Containers

Creating Aggregated Plan Rules

Using Filters with Achievement Containers

Creating Plan Rule Filters and Personal Plan Rule Filters

Creating Team and Personal Team Bonus Plan Rules

Accumulating Achievement Containers

Reviewing Achievement Container Information

Tracing Achievement Containers and Transactions

Performing Daily Attainment Calculations

Integrating Changes with the Achievement Container

Troubleshooting Achievement Container Processes

Reviewing Achievement Records (End User)

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Incentive Compensation Calculations

Compensation Calculation Features

Business Scenario for Calculation Run

Example Process for Compensation Calculations

Setting up the Server Request Processor for Calculations

Creating a New Calculation Run

Specifying Criteria for a Calculation Run

Setting a Dynamic Target Incentive Calculation

Archiving Calculation Run Data for Release

Selecting a Plan for a Calculation Run

Excluding a Compensation Plan

Adding a Calculation Run Plan Rule

Adding a Calculation Plan Participant

Running the Compensation Calculation Engine

Updating a Calculation Run Using Populate Plans

Clearing a Lock on Calculations

Selecting a Calculation Run for an Earnings Replacement

Adjusting Calculated Compensation Manually

Recalculating Compensation

Exporting Calculation Run Data to Excel

Archiving Compensation Plan Data

Releasing Compensation Information

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Compensation Tracking

Tracking Compensation Processes

Business Scenario for Compensation Tracking

Example Processes for Tracking Compensation

Reviewing Incentive Compensation

Incentive Compensation Tracking Views

Incentive Compensation Screen All Compensation View

Reviewing the Total Compensation Paid to an Employee

Reviewing Calculation Details

Reviewing a Calculation Summary

Reviewing an Employee Compensation Calculation

Reviewing Plan Rule Earnings

Reviewing a Calculation Run

Reviewing Plan Rule Achievement Containers

Reviewing All Quota Achievement

Reviewing Total Performance

Running a Compensation Report

Reviewing the Employee Total Compensation (Manager)

Reviewing Total Compensation Paid to Employee

Reviewing an Employee's Performance Against Targets

Reviewing Plans Associated with an Employee (Manager)

Reviewing Total Compensation (End User)

Reviewing the Total Compensation Paid (End User)

Reviewing Assigned Target Quotas (End User)

Reviewing Performance Against Quotas (End User)

Reviewing Cap, Draw, and Hurdle Details (End User)

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Employee Balances and Payment Releases

Employee Balances and Payment Release Overview

Business Scenario for Employee Balances

Example Process for Employee Balances

Reviewing Employee Balances

Viewing Calculation Run Earnings

Releasing Calculation Runs and Employee Balances

Creating a New Payment Release

Adjusting Compensation Balances

Exporting a Payment Release

Reviewing Employee Balances (End User)

Reconciling an Employee Balance (End User)

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Multi-Currency Transactions

Compensation and Multi-Currency Transactions

Compensation Calculation and Currency

Configuring the Currency Conversion Date

Currency Conversion Special Cases

Adjustments Transactions

Estimating Compensation

Quota Setting

Reports and Currencies

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Rate Calculation Syntax

Rate Calculation Syntax

Calculation Workbook Fields and Syntax

Employee Workbook Fields and Syntax

Plan Participant Fields and Syntax

Performance Measure Fields and Syntax

Plan Rule Fields

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Incentive Compensation Server Components

Predefined Siebel Server Component Groups

Incentive Compensation Event Logging

Configuring Server Events

Configuring Component Events

Viewing Event Logs

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Configuring Incentive Compensation

Configuring Filters

Creating a Text-Based Filter

Creating a Table-Based Filter

Creating New Performance Measures

Creating a Custom Bonus-Other Results Performance Measure

Creating a Custom Bonus-Sales Results Performance Measure

Configuring Quota Credit Revenue

Configuring Currency

Configuring the Conversion Date

Specifying Currency Scale and Extended Scale Values

Configuring Order Change Tracking

Configuring Net Change for Newly Added Fields

Using Status Lookup to Configure Plan Date

Configuring a New Plan Date Mapping

Turning the Status Lookup Feature Off

Populating Plan Date with a Value Other than Status Date

Configuring the Data Type in Achievement Containers

Adding a Transaction Record Using eScript

Adding Sales Crediting Fields to a Sales Crediting Rule

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Optimizing Sales Credit Engine Performance

Sales Crediting Engine Advanced Setup

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Troubleshooting Incentive Compensation

Sales Hierarchy Error Messages

Troubleshooting Sales Crediting Errors

Troubleshooting Accumulation Processes

Creating an Achievement Container Log File

Reviewing an Achievement Container Log File

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Siebel Incentive Compensation Administration Guide