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Example Process for Employee Balances

Figure 23 shows the process that an administrator and an end user might follow to review and update Employee Balances. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Figure 23.  Employee Balances Process Flows
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Administrator Process

The administrator performs the following procedures when working with employee balances.

  1. Reviews balances. The administrator reviews the employee's balance to see the earnings and payment details for each employee. For more details, see Reviewing Employee Balances.
  2. Reviews earnings. The administrator reviews run balances before release. For more information, see Viewing Calculation Run Earnings.
  3. Executes calculation runs. The administrator executes calculation runs that affect employee balances. For more information, see Incentive Compensation Calculations and Compensation Tracking.
  4. Creates payment release. The administrator creates a new payment release record and associate employees with the release. For more information, see Creating a New Payment Release.
  5. Adjusts balances. The administrator adjusts balances when the release the entire balance due an employee is not released. For more information, see Adjusting Compensation Balances.
  6. Exports payment release details. The administrator creates a report that can be forwarded to payroll. For more information, see Exporting a Payment Release.

End-User Process

The employee performs the following procedures to review balances.

  1. Reviews balance data. After the administrator releases payments, employees can review the balance information. For more information, see Reviewing Employee Balances.
  2. Reconciles balances. The employee can compare balance detail with personal records. For more information, see Reconciling an Employee Balance (End User).

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