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Viewing Calculation Run Earnings

After a calculation run is released, it is available for viewing by calculation run plan participants, and it cannot be deleted. Unless the calculation run is replaced by another calculation run, it will appear in the Employee Balance Details view.

To review run balances before releasing the run

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Tracking > Calculation Runs.
  2. In the Calculation Runs list, select the calculation run.
  3. In the calculation run form, review the Visible field.
    1. To keep the run from being visible to anyone except yourself, make sure the Visible check box on the Calculation Run form is not selected.
    2. To make the run visible to each calculation run plan participant before it is formally released, select the Visible check box.

      Selecting the Visible check box allows employees to review the compensation details for this Calculation Run, but the amount will not be included in the employee balances until the calculation run is released.

      CAUTION:  Do not select the Release option from the menu. The Released check box should not be selected.

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