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Creating an Achievement Container Log File

The Achievement Container log file provides details about the accumulation and retro-accumulation processes. To generate an Achievement Container log file, you must first set up two Component Tracing flags— one for Achievement Container Accumulation (Container Calculation) and the other for setting up Achievement Container Retro-accumulation (Achievement Container Recalculation).

To create an Achievement Container log file

  1. Log into the application as the system administrator.
  2. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Server Administration > Components.
  3. In the Components list, query for a component named ICM Container Calculation (or ICM Container Recalculation).
  4. Select the component and choose the Component Event Configuration tab.
  5. In the Component Event Configuration list, select the Component Tracing record in the Event Type column, and change the component tracing value to 3 (from the default setting of 1), as shown in the following figure.
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