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Adjustments Transactions

In adjustment transactions, the original transaction is completely removed or credited so that the combined balance between the two Transaction Workbook records (original and adjustment) nets to zero. A new entry is added that shows the updated order details. This new entry is exported to the Calculation Workbook, and the currency conversions are calculated as described in Compensation and Multi-Currency Transactions.

In this case, the first conversion from order currency to plan currency occurs at the exchange rate on the adjustment date. (The original conversion was based on the order date exchange rate.) When compensation is ready for calculation, the conversion occurs based on the date of the new calculation run.

Exchange rates often shift between the order date, the adjustment dates, and the two calculation run dates. For Siebel Incentive Compensation to convert the new entry at original exchange rates, you must either make a manual entry in the currency tables or execute a special calculation run so that only the new adjustment order is converted using the old exchange rates.

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