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Importing a Quota Target into a Compensation Plan

After the sales manager has finalized the quota targets for next-level reports and the quotas have been approved and accepted, you import the target amounts for each plan participant.

Only quotas with an Accepted status can be imported into the compensation plan. The status of the quota to be imported is configurable using Siebel Tools.

To import a quota target into a compensation plan

  1. Using the quota-setting tool, select a quota and associate it with the plan in the Plan Quotas view (Incentive Compensation Administration > Plans (drill down on the plan)> Plan Quotas).
  2. In the Plan Quota record, enter the quota target in the target amount field, if this value is not already defined.

    This quota target is only used for participants whose quota target is not being imported (for example, participants' quotas that are not set using the quota-setting tool).

  3. Define plan participants, if they are not already defined.

    The quota is imported only for participants of the plan. If a position has a quota but is not assigned to a plan as a participant, no quota is pulled over for that position. Quota targets are imported only for positions; they are not imported for divisions.

  4. Click the Plan Quotas view tab, and then click the menu button and choose Import Quota to import the quota target.

You can import as many times as you like; each new import overwrites the previous import. However, the quota target in the Target Amount field is not updated when the quota is imported.

There can be a different quota target amount for each participant. You can view each participant's quota target spread, and then make any necessary changes to the quota targets.

If a manager changes a quota target at a later date, you can approve the change, revise the plan, and import the new quota target.

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