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Business Scenario for Estimating Compensation

This scenario provides an example of a process flow performed by the compensation administrator and sales representatives. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business requirements.

Sales representatives at Network Ltd. want to estimate their compensation, as they believe it will enhance their sales strategy if they can model different compensation scenarios. The compensation administrator, agrees and makes the compensation plans and plan rules estimable for these representatives.

One of the sales representatives creates a what-if scenario to model potential compensation from an opportunity. She changes the product prices and adds new products to the opportunity to see how each modification affects the order. The changing compensation is automatically calculated as she changes opportunity variables, and she can see how each change affects her compensation.

Then the representative takes a group of her opportunities that she is most likely to close and estimates compensation for each of them. The representative looks at the quota estimate and sees that, if all of these opportunities close, she will have exceeded her quota attainment goal.

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