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Example Process for Compensation Estimation

Figure 8 shows the process administrators, and sales representatives might follow to set up and use compensation estimation. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirement.

Figure 8.  Example of a Compensation Estimation Process Flow
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Administrator Process

The administrator performs the following procedure.

  • Sets the plan and plan rules estimable flag. The compensation administrator identifies the plans and plan rules that can be used to estimate compensation, and then selects the estimable check box flag for each of the plans and plan rules. For more information, see Making Plans and Plan Rules Estimable.

End-User Process

The end user performs the following procedures.

  1. Calculates Estimated Compensation. The sales representatives can calculate estimated compensation for one or more opportunities. For more information, see Calculating Total Estimated Compensation (End User) and Estimating Compensation for Multiple Opportunities (End User).
  2. Reviews achievement against goal. The sales representative can review estimated quota achievement against a set quota target. For more information, see Reviewing Quota Achievement Against Target (End User).
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