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Estimating Compensation for Multiple Opportunities (End User)

The estimating compensation feature also allows users to estimate compensation on multiple opportunities. Users can see the total estimated compensation, the details of compensation estimates, the estimated quota achievement, and a graphical analyses.

The Estimate Compensation subviews are available by navigating to Estimate Compensation > My Opportunities. Table 29 describes the details that are available in the subviews.

Table 29.  Estimate Compensation Subviews 
View Tab

Quota Estimates

Displays a chart showing how much the user has achieved against the user's quota target.

Estimate Details

Displays the compensation listed by plan and plan rule.

Compensation Chart

Displays a chart showing how much the user has achieved.

To calculate estimated compensation for a selected group of opportunities

  1. Navigate to Estimate Incentive Compensation > My Opportunities.
  2. In the Opportunities list, select the check box in the Estimate field for each opportunity record to be included in the estimated compensation.
  3. In the Opportunities list, click the menu button and choose Estimate Compensation.

    The calculation engine runs in the background, and when the process is completed, the new totals appear.

  4. In the Opportunities list, select one of the opportunities for which compensation was estimated.
  5. Click the Estimate Details view tab.

    The Estimate Details list appears, as shown in the following figure, with the details for the selected opportunity.

    Click for full size image

    The calculation engine uses plans and rules that exist for the current date that addresses the question, "what if I closed these opportunities today?"

    If multiple opportunities are selected, and a plan rule with cumulative measure periods or performance measures is in effect, the system determines the sequence for the transactions because all are evaluated using the current date.

    This may lead to inaccurate results because the sequence chosen by the system may not match the sequence in which the opportunities are ultimately closed (the specific sequence is needed by cumulative measure periods and performance measures). This behavior exists only when you estimate compensation with cumulative measure periods and cumulative performance measures on multiple opportunities. It does not affect the actual compensation calculation.

    The Opportunities list in the Estimate Incentive Compensation screen shows the total compensation from commission and nonaggregated rules. To view all compensation from nonaggregated rules, go to the Estimate Details view tab.

  6. (Optional) Click the Compensation Chart view tab to view a chart of the compensation.

    In this view, you can choose from several chart types.

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Repeat Step 4, Step 5, and Step 6 for each opportunity whose estimated compensation was calculated.

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