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Exporting Data to the Achievement Container Workbook

As illustrated in Figure 10, two separate server components move data from the Transaction Workbook to the Calculation Workbook and the appropriate achievement containers, filtered by any filters associated with the plan rule.

Figure 10.  Exporting and Accumulating Data
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Achievement containers are used to aggregate the achievements of sales representatives according to compensation plan rules and plan hurdles.

All transactions applied to Plan Rules with the Aggregate flag set to True (check box selected) will be accumulated into the achievement containers, while other transactions must be exported to the Transaction Workbook.

Rollup Achievement in the Achievement Container

Positions in the sales hierarchy that are compensated as a result of rollup are automatically credited with the transaction as data is moved from the Transaction Workbook to the achievement containers. If a sales representative closes a deal, the deal revenue flows into the representative's achievement container, as well as the manager's container, the second-level manager's container, and so on. The rollup occurs according to the appropriate sales hierarchy, based on the Territory ID and Plan Date of the order.

NOTE:  To use rollups, you must create a sales hierarchy. For more information on sales hierarchies, see Creating a Sales Hierarchy.

For more information on achievement containers, see Achievement Containers.

To export data to the Achievement Containers Workbook

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Tracking > Transaction Workbook.
  2. In the Transaction Workbook form, click the select button in the Period field, and select a period, and optionally enter criteria in the Criteria field.

    If the number of transactions you are planning to export is large, you can use the Criteria field to specify criteria for the export, limiting the export to a subset of the transactions in the period.

    CAUTION:  You must use the correct syntax when entering criteria or the export process will fail. The correct syntax is [field name 1] = 'value' OR [field name 2] = 'value' The field name is the business component field name, not the field caption. Use Siebel Tools to look up individual field names. Square brackets MUST surround the field name. Value must be in single quotes. For example, [www] = 'xxx' OR [yyy] = 'zzz'

  3. In the Transaction Workbook form, click the menu button and choose Accumulate Transactions.

    The transactions are exported to the Achievement Containers Workbook.

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