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Entering Scores in the Employee Workbook

Many plans include a subjective bonus based on an employee's performance on nonsales-related activities. The Employee Workbook allows you to enter performance scores for your employees for subjective bonuses—for example, MBO, KSOs, time available, leads, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

NOTE:  The Employee Workbook scores are not imported or displayed in the Calculation Workbook until you have executed a Calculation Run. Only the Compensation Amount, Performance Measure, and Score Employee Workbook fields can be displayed in the Calculation Workbook.

Siebel Employee Relationship Management (ERM) administers the employee performance review process and makes the scores available to incentive compensation. For more information, see Siebel Employee Relationship Management Administration Guide.

To enter employee scores

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Tracking > Employee Workbook.
  2. In the Employee Workbook list, select the employee record, and drill down on the hyperlink in the Last Name field.

    The Participant form and Score list appear.

  3. In the Score list, click New.
  4. In the new record, click the select button, and in the Pick Period dialog box, select the period for the score and then click OK.

    The Start and End Date fields are completed based on the selected period.

  5. In the record, select the Performance Measure for which you want to enter the score.

    Options include MBO, KSOs, time available, leads, service levels, customer satisfaction, annual review, or periodic review.

  6. In the Scores field, click the calculator button to enter the score for the employee for this period.
  7. In the Comments field, enter comments about the employee's performance.

    NOTE:  After calculation, the Calculated Comp flag marks which records have been included in a calculation.

If you have a Bonus-Other Results rule in your plan, the calculation engine uses these scores to compensate the participants on the plan. After calculation, the compensation results are available in the Calculation Workbook.

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