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Quota Setting

The quota-setting feature allows administrators and managers to roll down quotas across their next-level reports, and apply factors and spreads as appropriate. When using the quota-setting feature, there are two currency conversion areas that require consideration. The first occurs when assigning quotas to positions, and the second occurs at time of import.

  • Assigning quotas to positions. Quotas are created and defined in the Compensation Administration screen's Quotas view. During the quote creation process, the user defines generic quotas, but they do not associate the quota with a particular currency. When quotas are associated with a compensation plan, they assume the currency of the plan.
  • At time of import. When quotas are imported into an existing plan (by clicking the Import Quota button in the Plan Quotas view), quotas that have been assigned and rolled down during quota-setting carry over (with adjustments, factors, and spreads in effect) to each assignee that is designated as a plan participant. However, the quota's currency must match the currency of the plan to which it is imported. If conversion is required, conversion occurs for each participant based on the exchange rate on the date at which the quota was originally assigned to the position in the quota-setting module.
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