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Business Scenario for Calculation Run

This scenario provide examples of processes flows performed by a compensation plan administrator working with calculations. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business requirements.

On March 1, the Network Ltd. compensation administrator imports some net change transactions with January plan dates from the Transaction Workbook into the Calculation Workbook. The administrator also makes a retroactive change to the plan, dating back to January. The administrator realizes that Sales Representative Jim Harvey was paid on a plan for January but he should not have been assigned to that plan. The administrator removes Harvey from that plan.

Because of these changes, the administrator decides to recalculate January commissions and replace the results of the original calculation with the new results.

The administrator creates a new calculation for January (CR3) and indicates that the two earlier runs for January (CR1 and CR2) will be replaced. Because Harvey appeared in CR1 but will not appear in CR3, the compensation administrator defines the Replace Type to be Erase and Replace. Using this attribute, earnings from CR1 and CR2 are erased and replaced by CR3 earnings. When the new calculation is released, the original CR1 earnings data for Harvey is erased and replaced with $0 earnings for CR3.

NOTE:  The original (January) calculation runs, CR1 and CR2, are not deleted from Harvey's views. He can always review the results of that run. However CR1 and CR2 will not appear in Harvey's employee balances view.

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