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Using Filters with Achievement Containers

On a daily basis, plan rule performance measures are aggregated from the transactions into achievement containers. The data accumulated in these containers can be further refined through the use of filters, which help you create achievement containers that select and accumulate data based on certain attributes. You can create four types of filters for these containers. The filter types are:

  • Account filters. Accumulate data for specific accounts
  • Product filters. Accumulate data for specific products
  • Product Line filters. Accumulate data for specific product lines (for example, a server product line)
  • Simple filters. Accumulate data based on fields (for example, revenue type) Simple filters are configured using Siebel Tools.

The Calculation Engine then sums up the Achievement Containers specified in the Plan Rule for a plan participant based on the Plan Rule start and end dates as well as the participant start and end dates within the plan. The achievement container Execution Period is also used to determine which containers are included in a calculation. The summation can cross multiple versions of a hierarchy. It computes attainment by comparing the Plan Rule Quota to the Achievement Container value (in the case of % Quota rules).

For example, if you are calculating compensation on a %Quota rule with a quarterly measure period, you create daily attainment containers. The calculation engine selects the daily containers within the selected range for each participant, and sums up the total. That total attainment is then processed through the rate table to determine the compensation payment.

If it is calculating containers on a year-to-date basis, the calculation engine sums the achievement containers for all measure periods included in the year-to-date calculation. For a Q3 year-to-date calculation, the Calculation Engine sums up Q1, Q2 and Q3 containers.

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