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Creating Aggregated Plan Rules

During accumulation of transactions into achievement containers, containers are created according to the attributes of the aggregated rules. For aggregated rules, the Calculation Engine uses the containers and the earned status defined on the aggregated rule to calculate compensation.

NOTE:  Aggregated rules go through Achievement Containers, and calculated results are displayed in the Calculation Workbook.

Containers are not created for nonaggregated rules. The Calculation Engine uses the records in the calculation workbook to calculate compensation. Similarly, the calculation engine computes the calculation according to the earned status defined on the nonaggregated rule.

For example, in creating a Manager Plan for a senior manager, the compensation administrator develops a representative plan that includes an aggregated group rule with payouts based on the senior manager's organization in the sales hierarchy. The managers reporting to the senior manager, and the sales representatives reporting to those managers are part of the group and the compensation administrator can add them into the plan as plan participants.

However, because this is a manager's plan, only the senior manager is marked as compensable. Using an aggregated rule, the calculation engine runs the container for the senior manager through the rate table to pay him, because this container already contains the aggregated performance for the entire group.

If a nonaggregated rule were used, the calculation engine would run each transaction for every member of the group in the calculation workbook through the rate table to calculate the payout for the senior manager.

To create an aggregated plan rule

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Administration > Rules.
  2. Click New to create a new rule, and complete the fields.
  3. To make the rule an aggregate rule, select the Aggregate check box.

    For a detailed procedure and Rule field descriptions, see Plan Design.

  4. Associate the aggregate rule with a plan.

    For more information, see Associating Rules with Plans.

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