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Example Process for Achievement Containers

Figure 13 shows the process administrators and end users might follow to set up and use Achievement Containers. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Administrator Process

The administrator performs the following procedures.

  1. Create an aggregate plan rule. The administrator creates aggregate plan rules with attributes for the achievement containers. For more information, see Creating Aggregated Plan Rules.
  2. Create Rule Filters. The administrator defines plan rule and personal rule filters to select and accumulate data based on certain attributes, and then associates the rule with a plan. For more information, see Using Filters with Achievement Containers and Creating Plan Rule Filters and Personal Plan Rule Filters.
  3. Create Team Bonus Plan Rule. The administrator creates a team (area) plan rule by defining territories on aggregated bonus plan rules based on meeting goals. For more information, see Creating Team and Personal Team Bonus Plan Rules.
  4. Accumulate transactions. The administrator accumulates, reviews, and tracks transactions in the Achievement Containers Workbook. For more information, see Accumulating Achievement Containers, Reviewing Achievement Container Information, and Tracing Achievement Containers and Transactions.
  5. Complete achievement container maintenance. The administrator runs daily calculations, integrates plan changes, and troubleshoots the process. For more information, see Performing Daily Attainment Calculations, Integrating Changes with the Achievement Container, and Troubleshooting Achievement Container Processes.

End-User Process

The end user performs the following procedure.

Figure 13.  Example of an Achievement Containers Process Flow
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