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Performing Daily Attainment Calculations

The Calculation Run definition includes an Attainment Only field. When this check box is selected, the calculation engine calculates attainment without calculating payout. The calculation engine reads data from the Achievement Containers Workbook and calculates attainment for aggregate plan rules within the designated measure period. By running daily attainment calculations, you can provide achievement data in real time.

To create a daily attainment calculation

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map >Incentive Compensation Tracking > Calculation Runs.
  2. In the Calculation Runs list, click New and complete the fields for the new record.
  3. In the Calculation Run form, click the show more button, and select the Quota Attainment Only check box.

    For more information on Calculation Run fields, see Incentive Compensation Calculations.

  4. In the Calculation Run form, select the Visible check box.

    Selecting the Visible check box flag allows payees to review the quota attainment without releasing the calculation run.

  5. In the Calculate Runs list, click the menu button and choose Calculate to run the calculation engine.
  6. From the Show drop-down list select All Quota Achievement.
  7. In the All Quota Achievement list, query for one of the participants, then drill down on the Last Name hyperlink in the participant record and query for the Calculation Run you just created.
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