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Running the Compensation Calculation Engine

After you have selected the compensation plans, plan rules, and criteria for the run, you can initiate the server task that calculates compensation.

Before running the calculation engine, review the calculation run record to make sure the following tasks have been completed if necessary.

  • Run Period. The calculation run record must specify the period for which you are calculating compensation. A calculation run for the selected period includes the following:
    • All compensation plans that have at least one applicable plan rule and plan participant.
    • Plan rules whose measure period type matches the calculation run period type (for example, quarter) and whose effective dates include the entire calculation run period.
    • Plan participants effective for some part of the calculation run period.

      NOTE:  If you are running calculations for more than one period, you must run a separate calculation process for each period.

  • Run criteria, specify currency and other parameters. In the Calculation Run record, complete the Run Criteria, Aggregate Run Criteria, Replace, and Description fields, and change information in the Currency Exchange Date field if desired.
  • Calculation flags. Select or clear the check boxes for Year-to-Date Run, Archive for Release, Quota Attainment, and Calculate Target Incentive.

    If you want to release the calculation run, you must select the Archive for Release check box.

    If you select Year-to-Date Run, additional plans, plan rules, and plan participants may be included. Plan rules and plan participants are also included even if they are not effective for the entire calculation run period.

    For more information, see Creating a New Calculation Run.

To run the calculation engine

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Tracking > Calculation Runs.
  2. In the Calculation Runs list, select the calculation run.
  3. In the Calculation Run list, click the menu button and choose Calculate.

    After the run is executed, the Complete date field is populated and the Releasable check box is selected. For more information on the Releasable flag, see Troubleshooting Problems with the Releasable Flag.

  4. In the Calculation Run form, click the calendar button to review the Complete Date.

After you execute a calculation run, calculated compensation appears in the Calculation Workbook as shown in Figure 15. Calculated results are displayed in the Calculation Workbook.

Figure 15.  Calculation Workbook Results
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If the compensation is associated with a particular line item or order (for example, commissions on orders) you see the compensation for each order in the Compensation field. If the compensation is associated with an aggregation of line items or orders (for example, % Quota), a new record, with type of Calculated, is created and a new compensation amount for the employee appears in the Compensation field. The details of the aggregated compensation are visible in the Total Performance view.

For compensation on employee transactions (MBO, KSOs, time available, leads, service levels, and customer satisfaction), a new record is created with a record type of Calculated and a new compensation amount for the employee appears in the Compensation field.

At this point, the calculated compensation has not yet been released to users for review.

By drilling down on the Last Name of the employee, you can see detailed information about the calculations. For example, Figure 16 shows a partial view of the details for a sales representative Terry Smythe for the Q1 2001 Run.

Figure 16.  Calculation Workbook Employee Detail Results
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Troubleshooting Problems with the Releasable Flag

Occasionally, after executing a Calculation Run, the Releasable check box flag may be set to False (not selected), and the run cannot be released.

The Releasable flag may be set to False if any of the following events occurs during the calculation run, or after the run and before the run is released:

  • The Quota Attainment Only flag is modified.
  • The Archive For Release flag is modified.
  • The YTD Run flag is modified.
  • Any data in the Runs Replaced list of values is modified.
  • The Populate Plans menu command is invoked.
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