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Performance Measure Fields and Syntax

Table 39 shows user interface names, field names, and syntax for Performance Measure fields.

CAUTION:  Make sure a space exists between % and the measure field in the performance measure syntax (for example, [PM.% Quota]). If you omit the space, the formula will not calculate.

Table 39.  Performance Measure Fields and Syntax
Performance Measure

% Discount

[PM.% Discount]

% Margin

[PM.% Margin]

% Quota

[PM.% Quota]

Com Cred Rev

[PM.Com Cred Rev]

Cumulative % Quota

[PM.Cumulative Percent Quota]

Cumulative Com Cred Rev

[PM.Cumulative Com Cred Rev]

Cumulative Quota Cred Rev

[PM.Cumulative Quota Cred Rev]

Cumulative Revenue

[PM.Cumulative Revenue]

Quota Cred Rev

[PM.Quota Cred Rev]





Customer Sat

[PM.Customer Sat]







Service Level

[PM.Service Level]

Time Available

[PM.Time Available]

The following example shows how to apply this syntax.

[PM.% Quota]/100.0 * [PP.Target Incentive]

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