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Siebel Incentive Compensation Overview

Siebel Incentive Compensation is designed to meet the needs of sales and service professionals, managers, and compensation administrators. Sales representatives can use compensation and quota attainment reporting and analysis features, and estimate compensation on active deals before they close. Sales managers can use analysis and reporting tools as well as the quota setting feature. As a compensation administrator, you can create compensation plans and apply performance measures, as well as track compensation plans and generate reports.

Figure 1 illustrates the process flow for these activities. In the process flow, the sales compensation plan is shown as the primary motivator of sales efforts and energy. The plan addresses the corporate strategy, and objectives are clearly communicated to the sales force, motivating sales representatives to close deals.

Figure 1.  Siebel Incentive Compensation Processes
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As Figure 2 shows, before compensation plans are created, most organizations develop a corporate strategy. The strategy is formulated based on the answers to strategic questions that help the organization pinpoint target markets and profit goals.

Based on the high-level strategy, organizations develop corporate sales objectives. Objectives might include the planned level of account penetration and territory definition. These objectives are used to develop incentive compensation plans, which detail how the organization plans to meet the objectives, and the rewards for success.

Figure 2.  Incentive Compensation Planning Strategy
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Using Siebel Incentive Compensation, organizations can align sales goals with corporate strategies so that sales and service professionals know exactly where they should focus their efforts. Siebel Incentive Compensation's plan development and implementation tools help the organization motivate and direct the sales force to meet strategic corporate goals, and improve sales effectiveness and overall profitability.

NOTE:  Your Siebel implementation may include some or all of the features described in this guide, depending on the software modules that your company purchased.

Siebel Incentive Compensation Administration Guide