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Spreading a Compensation Plan Quota

When you click the Quota Spreads view tab (Incentive Compensation Quotas > All Quotas >Personal Quota Roll Down), you see that the quota spread is distributed evenly across the established measure period. The quota-setting tool does this automatically.

For example:

  • If the quota is noncumulative:

    Period = 2003
    Measure Period = Quarter
    Initial Target Amount = $1,000,000

    then the Quota Spreads view tab shows:

    Q1 2003 = $250,000
    Q2 2003 = $250,000
    Q3 2003 = $250,000
    Q4 2003 = $250,000

  • If the quota is cumulative:

    Quarterly = 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.

NOTE:  To spread the quota target evenly over the measure period, the quarterly periods must be predefined using the Application Administration screen. For more information about periods, see Applications Administration Guide.

The quota amount shown in the Quota Spread view is used for actual calculation of the quota attainment for the measure period. After the quota targets are set and finalized, you can import the targets and associate them with the compensation plan.

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