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Personalizing a Quota Target for a Plan Participant

The same quota might not be appropriate for all participants in the compensation plan to which the quota applies. You can adjust quota targets and quota spreads to personalize the quota for different participants.

To personalize quota targets for a participant

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Administration > Plans.
  2. In the Plans list, select the plan and drill down on the hyperlink in the Name field.
  3. Click the Plan Participants view tab.
  4. In the Plan Participants list, select the participant record, and then drill down on the hyperlink in the Last Name field.
  5. In the Personal Plan form for the participant, click the Quotas view tab.
  6. In the Quotas list, select the quota, and scroll down to the Quotas Periods list.
  7. In the Quota Periods record, review the spread amount and make any necessary changes to the quota targets in the Percent field.

    The quota and quota spread are distributed over the measure period.

    NOTE:  The Target Amount or Target Qty in the Quotas list does not add up to the sum of the Period Amount shown in the Quota Period list. The % Attainment is based on the Period Amount for each measure period.

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