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Incentive Compensation Screen All Compensation View

The compensation administrator can also review compensation paid to an employee by navigating to Incentive Compensation screen's All Compensation view, and then clicking the view tabs shown in Figure 20.

Figure 20.  Incentive Compensation Views
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Table 34 lists the views that you can use to review compensation information.

Table 34.  All Compensation Subviews


Administrators can select one or more employees in the Compensation list and review the total compensation paid to the employee as well as the calculation details used to calculate the amounts.

Compensation Analysis

Administrators can review a chart showing the total compensation paid for the selected employee for each released period or periods.

More Info

Administrators can view personal information about the selected participant, including address, phone, and fax numbers and email address.


Administrators can review information about payment releases, balances due, and adjustments to payment releases.


Administrators can view the list of plans in which a selected employee is a participant. The administrator can drill down on a selected plan to view the rules, quotas, and draws associated with this plan, including any personalized rules, quotas, and draws. This information is read-only.

Quota Achievement

Administrators can determine how employees are performing against their quota targets.

Quota Achievement Analysis

Administrators can view a chart of the employee quota achievement.


Administrators can see the quotas assigned to a selected employee (set by the quota setting tool), including how the quota is spread over multiple periods and the factors that were applied to the initial quota, if any. This subview is read-only and primarily used by managers to access the quota setting functionality.

Quotas generated by methods other than the quota setting tool do not appear in this view.

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