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Reviewing a Quota (End User)

After the manager has adjusted and factored the quota targets for each sales representative, the sales representatives can review the quota targets that have been assigned to them and discuss these amounts with their managers.

NOTE:  Representatives can only see the quota or quotas with which they are associated.

To view sales representative quotas and targets

  1. Navigate to Incentive Compensation Quotas> My Quotas.
  2. In the Quotas list, select the quota you want to review, and then drill down on the hyperlink in the Name field.
  3. In the Personal Quota Roll Down form, click the show more button.

    An expanded view of the form appears, with the Quota Factor list visible.

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    The following table describes some of the read-only fields in the Personal Quota Roll Down form.



    This check box indicates whether or not the quota is cumulative.


    A description of the quota.


    The end date of the quota period.

    Factored Target Amount and Factored Target Qty

    The amount of the target after the factors have been applied by the manager. The factored target begins with the adjusted target amount and then is changed based on the factors. After the manager applies necessary factors to the quotas for that manager's next-level reports, this field is updated.

    Initial Target Amount and Initial Target Qty

    The starting target of the position on this quota. This amount is set by the compensation administrator.

    Measure Period Type

    Determines how often the quota attainment is calculated.

    Performance Measure

    The first variable measured by the rule. The performance measure depends on the selected rule type.


    The position of the participant.


    The name of the quota.

    Quota Period

    The quota set for the duration of the period.

    Roll Down

    The check box determines whether or not this quota is available for managers to roll down to their next-level reports.

    Roll Up Target Amount and Roll Up Target Qty

    Final amount or quantity after the manager has adjusted and applied factors. This amount is not imported as the target amount or quantity for quota by default. Target amount or quantity for the quota is the factored amount. It is not modified by the compensation administrator.

    Sales Hierarchy

    Name of the sales hierarchy with which the quota is associated.

    Seasonality Skew

    If a seasonality skew has been applied to the quota so that the target is not spread evenly over the entire quota period, it appears here.


    The status of the quota. The status defaults to In Progress and is changed to Approved. The status change is visible to the manager and the status field in the Quota Explorer view is updated. This field is informational only.


    If the quota is associated with a territory, it appears here.

  4. Click the Quota Factor view tab to review the factors the manager used, if any, to determine the final quota.

    The fields in this view are read-only.

  5. Click the Quota Spread view tab to review how the quota is spread across a number of periods.

    The fields in this view are read-only.

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