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Configuring a New Plan Date Mapping

You can create a new mapping if the one you want to use does not exist in the default application. For example, you can create a mapping for the status Shipped.

To create a new plan date mapping

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Application Administration >List of Values.
  2. Query for the Type IC_CMP_EARN_STATUS.
  3. Add a new record, and complete the fields with the following values:
    • Display Value: Shipped (for this example)
    • Language Independent Code: Shipped (for this example)
    • Language Name: English-American (corresponds to your deployment)
    • Active: T
    • Translate: T
    • Replication Level: All
  4. In Tools, navigate to the Business Component object.
  5. Query for Incentive Compensation Transaction Workbook.
  6. Add a new User Property with the following attributes:
    1. Name: StatusLookUp 5
    2. Value: Shipped, Shipped
  7. Compile the .srf.
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