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Sales Credit Assignment (SCA) Rules

If a sale meets a preset criterion, credit is allocated to the sales representative. Sales Credit Assignment rules include effective dates to capture the relationships that existed at any point in time. To make this process viable for the largest of companies, the assignment rules contain attributes such as priority, sort sequence, and rule types. These attributes allow the process to run only the subset of rules that apply to the transaction, supporting efficient assignments.

  • Sales Credit Assignment. The sales credit assignment process assigns position, credit%, territory, and rollup% to sales orders.
  • Rule Manager. The Rule Manager creates assignment rules based on crediting rules for hierarchies for a given time period and organization. The Rule Manager has two server components:
    • Incentive Compensation Rule Manager Business Service. This component takes a required argument for the time frame or Range of Days and an optional argument for the Organization for the rules.
    • Incentive Compensation Credit Rules to AM Rules Update Manager. This component reads an SQL script to create and synchronize assignment rules, criteria, and values. It associates rules with the crediting engine assignment object while the Rules Manager Business Service passes the position for the organization as an argument.
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