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Sales Credit Assignment

As companies employ multichannel strategies, the process used to assign sales credit for transactions has gained in complexity. In some organizations, as many as 20 people might be credited for a single sale. For example, a sales team might consist of a direct account manager, a product specialist, the channel manager, and a sales consultant, and each team member might report to different management hierarchies. By the time sales credit is rolled up the hierarchy, many sales individuals are eligible for at least partial credit.

Siebel Incentive Compensation Sales Crediting evaluates assignment rules against sales orders and assigns matching positions, credits, and territories to the order sales credit team. These assignments are made in the Order Credit Allocation table. If validation errors occur during the assignment process, the existing assignments are left in the order credit allocation table and the crediting status of the order is changed to reflect the error. This allows the administrator to analyze the problem and correct it.

Siebel Incentive Compensation 7.5 introduces key enhancements to support Sales Credit Assignment by using Siebel Assignment Manager and the Sales Hierarchies. Using Incentive Compensation 7.5, companies can run a sales crediting process that evaluates a transaction, associates the transaction with the appropriate organization hierarchy and hierarchy node, and executes the assignment and sales crediting rules associated with the hierarchy node.

NOTE:  Sales Credit Assignment only works on Order Headers in Siebel Incentive Compensation version 7.5.2. Setup of crediting rules using order line item criteria is not supported.

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