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Sales Crediting Components

Siebel Incentive Compensation Sales Crediting includes a number of components, such as the Sales Credit Engine, Sales Credit Assignment Rules, and Sales Credit Assignment.

Figure 4 shows the Sales Credit components and the sales crediting process flow.

Figure 4.  Sales Crediting Components and Process Flow
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Sales Credit Engine

The Sales Credit Engine processes Sales Hierarchies, manages Sales Credit Rules, executes by changing the Effectivity and Status of Sales Hierarchies, Territories, and Sales Credit Rules, and works with Assignment Manager. The Sales Credit Engine also includes error handling so that transactions with overassigned sales credit or unassigned credit are tracked and managed. Overassigned transactions are immediately routed to regional compensation administrators who refine crediting rules or manually correct credit assignment.

The Sales Credit Engine performs the following operations:

  • Assignment Manager preprocessor. This preprocessing operation is performed on incoming orders. The S_ORDER table is populated either directly by the user or migrated from a third-party system. Orders are processed through each of the sales hierarchies according to a specified sequence. The preprocessor loads the crediting rules for the current hierarchy and converts the rules to Assignment Manager rules. The preprocessor then sends the orders, accompanied by Assignment Manager rules for the current hierarchy, to Assignment Manager.
  • Assignment Manager. Assignment Manager reviews the Assignment Manager rules, and then assigns sales team members and credit allocations based on the rules.
  • Assignment Manager postprocessor. When Assignment Manager is finished, the Assignment Manager postprocessor selects the credit allocation assignment, along with the sales hierarchy currently being processed, and sends them to the Validator.
  • Validator. This operation determines whether or not the sales team and credit allocations conform to rules specified for the hierarchy. If the allocations are invalid, the Validator moves the order into the Error container so that the order is not processed until the user takes some action. The valid allocations are stored and control is passed to the Assignment Manager preprocessor, which continues with the next hierarchy.
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