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Transaction Workbook Features

The Transaction Workbook allows the compensation administrator to review transactions that result in compensation, and make any necessary modifications without affecting the source data. For example, you can add new members to the sales team or modify the credit allocation for the sales team members. You can also adjust or cancel transactions. After the adjustments are imported into the Calculation Workbook, the adjustments and cancellations are selected by the Calculation Engine and compensation information is modified.

Transactions are imported into the Transaction Workbook from Siebel Orders, Siebel Invoices, or other third-party order systems. Transactions can also be entered directly into the Transaction Workbook, if necessary.

From the Transaction Workbook, transactions are then exported to the Calculation Workbook where the records are converted from transaction-based to employee-based and are prepared for Calculation Runs. Transactions are also exported from the Transaction Workbook to the Achievement Containers Workbook where they are accumulated for measurement against quotas and performance criteria.

Because some companies create plans that include subjective bonuses for nonsales activities, these transactions can be entered into the Employee Workbook and are included in Calculation Runs.

CAUTION:  When importing or exporting orders in the Transaction Workbook, the Incentive Compensation module uses embedded logic that requires the Transaction Workbook business component. If you make configuration changes to the module, it is recommended that you do not rename or use a duplicate of the Transaction Workbook business component because this might invalidate some of the embedded functions.

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