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Performing Owner and Delegated Administrator Tasks

Territory owners and delegated administrators can log into the application, view, and perform the activities described in the following procedure.

To perform territory owner functions

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Administration Sales Hierarchies > Sales Hierarchy Explorer.
  2. In the Explorer, expand Sales Hierarchies, Sales Hierarchy Versions, and Territories folders.

    The territory owner or delegated administrator can view owned territories and subordinate territories.

  3. In the Territories list, select the territory, and then drill down on the hyperlink in the Territory Name field to view details.
  4. In the Positions view tab list, if the Editable check box is selected in the position record, the owner or delegated administrator can modify, add, and delete territory positions and crediting rules.
  5. Return to the Sales Hierarchy Explorer view and expand the owner's territory to view subterritories.
  6. Expand next-level territories to view, modify, add, and delete subterritory details.
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