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Canceling a Transaction

When a customer cancels an order, it can affect the compensation of the sales representative who closed the order. For example, suppose a sales representative books a deal in January for 100 product items. Then, in June, the customer cancels the order. The sales representative has already been paid compensation based on the 100 product items. His company needs to adjust the compensation totals for the current period to account for the cancellation. You can create a cancellation transaction to cancel the order and subtract the corresponding compensation amount from the original compensation period.

To cancel a transaction from a past period

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Tracking > Transaction Workbook.
  2. In the Transactions list, select a transaction that you want to cancel, click the menu button and choose Cancel Transaction.

    The record is copied and the original becomes read-only. The new record, a net change reversal record, is read-only.

When you export data for the current period into the Calculation Workbook, this cancellation record is also exported. When you execute a Calculation Run, the Calculation Engine ignores the original and reversal transactions, and only includes the correct transaction. The result is that the Calculation Run represents the correct earnings for the participants involved on the transaction.

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