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Adjusting a Transaction Compensation Amount

Changes to orders can cause changes to compensation payments. For example, suppose that last month a sales representative booked an order for 100 product items. The compensation period for last month has closed, and the sales representative has already been paid a commission. Now the customer wants to order 50 units of the product item instead of 100. The 100-product item order was used to calculate the representative's compensation, so the amount he was paid is now incorrect. The 50-product item order should be used to calculate the sales representative's compensation. The representative's company adjusts the incorrect transaction and recalculates compensation for the appropriate months to reconcile the incorrect original compensation.

You can use adjustment transactions to modify transactions from past periods.

To adjust a transaction from a past period

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Tracking > Transaction Workbook.
  2. In the Transactions list, select the transaction, and then click the menu button and choose Adjust.

    The record is copied twice, and the original record becomes read-only. The first new read-only record is a net change reversal record. The second new record is identical to the original record, except that you can modify the record.

  3. In the form for the adjusted transaction, modify fields such as Transaction Team or % Discount as necessary.
  4. In the Transaction list, select the adjusted transaction record and drill down on the identifier in the Transaction field to modify transaction line items.
  5. In the Transaction Detail form, modify the line item fields as necessary—such as Quantity Requested, Discount Price, or % Discount.
  6. In the Comments field, enter comments describing why the adjustment was made.

When you export data for the current period to the Calculation Workbook, the adjustment records are also exported. Although you may have made adjustments to only one line item on a transaction, when you export the data to the Calculation Workbook, all line items are exported. When you execute a Calculation Run, the Calculation Engine ignores the original and reversal transactions, and only includes the correct transaction. The result is that the Calculation Run represents the correct earnings for the participants involved on the transaction.

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