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Changing a Transaction Line Item

You can review and revise the transaction line items for the current period as necessary. For example, you can perform any of the following actions:

  • Edit the Qty Requested value
  • Enter the discount price of the product
  • Review margins on a product

To review and change a transaction line item

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Tracking > Transaction Workbook.
  2. In the Transactions list, select the transaction, and then drill down on the hyperlink in the Transaction field.
  3. In the Transaction Details list, select a line item.
  4. In the Transaction Detail form, click the show more button to get an expanded view of the Transaction Detail.
  5. In the form, change the fields as necessary.

    Your changes to the transaction details are not applied to the source order or transaction, whether that be Siebel Orders, Invoices, or an external system.

    NOTE:  In order for a transaction to be exported to the Calculation Workbook, you must complete the Product, Status, and Plan Date transaction detail fields.

    The following table describes the Transaction Line Item fields.


    Adjusted Item ID

    The ID of the transaction from which the adjustment had been created.


    A text field for comments.


    A Boolean field. If TRUE (check box selected), the transaction line item is exported to the Calculation Workbook. If FALSE (check box cleared), the transaction line item is not exported to the Calculation Workbook.


    Cost of line items.

    Discount Amount

    Amount of discount given for the line item.

    Discount Price

    Manually entered price for the product.


    Number of the item for the order.

    List Price

    Price of the item that is populated from the Price List.


    Total margin for the order.

    Net Cost

    Calculates net cost of the line items.

    Net Margin

    Net Margin.

    Net Price

    Net price of the product (after the net discount has been applied).


    Indicates payment record.

    Payment Amount

    Order payment amount is equally distributed among the line items.

    % Discount

    Discount percentage on the line item.

    % Margin

    Percentage of margin on the product. This field is used for compensation when the plan rule has a performance measure of % Margin.

    % Net Discount

    Net discount percentage used for this line item. This field is used for compensation when the plan rule has a performance measure of % Discount.

    Plan Date

    The Plan Date works in conjunction with the status of the order.

    For example, if the order had a status of Booked in December, 2003, and payment was received in January, 2004, (order status was changed to Paid in January, 2004), then the Plan Date would be populated with the Booked date (default). The active plan in 2003 will be used to compute compensation for this order. The default status mapping is as follows:

    n Invoiced, Booked
    n Billed, Booked
    n Booked, Booked
    n Paid, Booked

    This mapping can be changed, and the status lookup feature can be turned off using Siebel Tools. For more information about configuring mapping and using the status lookup feature, see Configuring Incentive Compensation.

    The Plan Date also determines which compensation plan is used to compute compensation and which transactions are included in the calculation run. Transactions are sorted by Plan Date/Time in the Calculation Workbook.


    For a line-item record, this is the product being sold.

    Product Line

    For a line-item record, this is the product line for the product. This field is empty for order and calculation type records.

    Product Revenue

    Quantity Requested multiplied by Net Price.

    Qty Requested

    Number of units requested for the product. This field is used for compensation when the plan rule has a performance measure of Units.

    Qty Shipped

    Number of units of the product shipped.

    Revenue Type

    Describes the type of revenue for the Transaction line (such as product or service). Users can create filters based on this field. For more information on creating filters, see Creating a Filter.


    Status of the line item.

    Status Date

    Date when the status was set or changed.

NOTE:  When you add drop-down list fields that include many choices to the Transaction Workbook, Transaction Workbook Item, Calculation Workbook, Calculation Workbook Item, or Payments Table, set the Long List option to TRUE to improve performance.

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