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Associating a Filter with a Plan Rule

After you create filters and define the filter criteria, you can add one or more filters to the plan rule. For more information, see Creating a Filter.

For example, you might create a Bonus-Sales Results rule called Pentium 266 Product Bonus with a performance measure of Units. Because you only want to compensate employees for unit sales of the Pentium 266 laptop, you add a filter to the rule so that the calculation engine only refers to orders of Pentium 266 laptops when calculating compensation.

If you want to compensate employees for selling specific products to specific accounts, select your product filter in the Filter 1 field and your account filter in the Filter 2 field. The line item on the order must match both criteria to allow compensation.

To associate a filter with a rule

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Administration > Rules.
  2. In the Rules list, select the rule.
  3. In the Rule form, click the select button in the Filters field.
  4. In the Pick Filter dialog box, select one or more filters, and then click OK.
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