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Running a Compensation Report

Siebel Incentive Compensation allows users to run compensation reports. The type of reports you can generate, just as the views you can see, depends on the role you play in the organization.

NOTE:  The list of available reports changes depending on you role. For a list of available reports, and which roles within the organization can generate the report, see Table 35. For a more in-depth description of reports, see Siebel Reports Administration Guide.

To run a compensation report

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Reports.
  2. In the Reports dialog box, choose the report you want to run from the Select a Report drop-down list.
  3. Click Run Now.

    The Siebel Report Viewer appears, displaying the information.

After you generate the report, you can view the report online, save the report to a specified location, print the report, and send the report by email to another person.

Table 35.  Siebel Incentive Compensation Reports by Role
Report Name

My Compensation Statement

A summary of an employee's total payout. This report has three sections:

n Total compensation paid to employee for each period.
n Total compensation paid for each rule of the compensation plan.
n Compensation paid for each transaction and the transaction details.




My Team's Compensation Statement

A summary of payouts across members of a team.




All Compensation Statement

Shows the compensation details for all participants.




Employee Achievement

Shows an employee's plans and assigned quotas, the employee's targets, achievement amounts, and percentage achievement.




My Team's Quota Achievement

Shows managers achievements by direct reports against quota targets.




All Quota Achievement

Shows compensation administrators how employees are performing against quota targets.




Incentive Compensation Plan Rule Payout

Shows payments that have been made for a particular rule or across rules. This helps the administrator detail the cost of sales for different incentive programs.




Compensation Groups

Lists members of each compensation group, including each person's position type, job title, division, and start and end dates.




Participant Groups

Lists individual participants and the groups to which each one belongs. This is a useful tool for managing transfers, new hires, and terminations.




Plan Definition

Shows information about a particular plan, including associated participants, rules, payouts, filters, and so on.




Plan Document

Includes participant's information, the plans for the participant, and the plan components, including personal plan rules, rate tables, personal plan quotas, and so on. The report can be attached in the Attachment view (Participants > Last Name > Plan Name > Attachments) for each participant to view it.




Representative Order Summary

Displays a snapshot of a sales representative's activities, including revenue analysis by product, top 10 accounts, top 10 deals, and so on.




Manager Compensation Summary

This report ranks direct reports by:

n Total compensation and booked orders
n The top 10 accounts according to booked orders
n The top 10 deals for the manager's region

It also shows a detailed list of booked orders by representative.




Quota Summary

Shows information about quota attainment at a high level. Managers can view a chart that displays their team's quota target compared to their team's quota attainment.




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