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Specifying Criteria for a Calculation Run

After you create the calculation run, you can enter calculation run criteria to define the records for which you want to calculate compensation.

To specify criteria for a calculation run

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View > Site Map > Incentive Compensation Tracking > Calculation Runs.
  2. In the Calculation Runs list, select the calculation run.
  3. In the Calculation Run form, enter criteria in the Run Criteria field.

    You can select the records in the Calculation Workbook for which you want to calculate compensation. For example, you can select transactions for a sales representative named Madison Stern by entering the following text:

    [Last Name] = 'Stern'


    [Last Name] = 'Stern' AND [Division] = 'Hardware'

    In the following example, compensation is only calculated for order numbers beginning with 1-143, and Employee Workbook records with the score of 90 or greater.

    CW ([Order Number] Like '1-143') EW ([Score]>90)

    The field names used in the run criteria are actual field names and may be different from the displayed names.

    NOTE:  Adding run criteria extends the time required for the calculation engine to determine compensation. A database administrator should review and optimizes the criteria.

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